AHA! is an Organizational Development company, pioneering the application of behavioral design in the Philippines!


We believe that everyone deserves an AHA Moment  to understand the grand design of things, to know their purpose in it, and to transform them into their greatest & most valuable selves.



AHA! merges science and creativity to design behavioral prescriptions for business impact, culture accession, and enhanced productivity & success.

How do we do that?


Our Behavioral Design begins with understanding your business’ goals and strategies. Part of this is surfacing the underlying beliefs and motivations of your organization’s members — whether at the front, or at the top.


It is only with a thorough understanding of the organization that we design and execute behavioral interventions across a variety of platforms to best deliver the intended results.


Facilitating behavior change towards business success is iterative. We measure the impact of our executions, and if necessary, adjust to ensure lasting results.


Our Team’s colorful personalities are almost as different as our professional backgrounds. But we share one thing in common: a vision and passion of bringing out the best in people.

The Partners
Manny de Luna
Manny de LunaPartner, CEO & President
TJ Agulto
TJ AgultoManaging Director
Iya Yotoko
Iya YotokoPartner for Creatives
Shairra Bello
Shairra BelloPartner for Research and Product Development
Jaime Constantino
Jaime ConstantinoPartner for Implementation Systems
Millie de Luna
Millie de LunaPartner for Business Development
The Team
Liezl Gonzales
Liezl GonzalesAdmin Officer
Lei Ramos
Lei RamosMarketing and Communications Manager
Alberto Malferrari
Alberto MalferrariMultimedia Officer
Inna Villa
Inna VillaBusiness Account Manager
Claire Lim
Claire LimBusiness Account Manager
Angela Garcia
Angela GarciaOrganizational Development Associate
Chiara Romualdez
Chiara RomualdezOrganizational Development Associate