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It’s a consistent challenge to improve people’s behaviors, even more to find solutions that perfectly fit your community or organization’s needs.

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AHA! Behavioral Design® is the first and only Behavior Design agency in the Philippines.

Using Applied Behavioral and Decision Sciences, and Behavioral Economics, we develop and implement science-based, context-appropriate, and evidence-backed behavioral solutions, especially for the frontlines and the last-mile.

See how we empower our partners to change the world.

Our Services

Bespoke programs and tools for your people, organization and/or target segments

  • Behavioral Insighting

  • Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Plan

  • Prototype/Intervention Development and Designing

  • Field Testing and Impact Assessment

Bespoke programs and tools for your people, organization and/or target segments
  • Online and Onground Gamified Activations
  • Community Management and Engagement
  • Scaled Testing of Interventions
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan
  • Program and Brand Development
  • Capacity Building of Stakeholders
  • Nationwide and/or Regional Program Activation and Roll-out

Learning events and interactive workshops for your community or team

  • Capacity Building of Stakeholders

  • Learning Plan, Learning Events, and Interactive Workshops

  • Playbook, Instructional Design, and Trainer’s Manual Development for TOT towards Rapid Roll-Out

  • Organizational Development and Change Management for Incorporation of Programs within Partner Institutions and Organizations

  • Behaviorally-Informed Public (and Organizational) Policies that Support and Sustain the Program

Awards & Recognitions

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